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Greater Amberjack (lat. Seriola dumerili)

Gof Gof

This fish is from the Carangidae family. In Croatian it is mostly called “gof“, “gofa“ or “orhan“, and its youth “felun“. This is a sofisticated predator of a strong and elongated body, slightly flattened on the sides.

The body of an amberjack is silvery with small scales glowing in the rainbow spectrum and is lighter toward the belly. It's got a very notable line on the sides, and a brownish-orange line descends from the back over an eye toward it's mouth. Frontal parts of the back fin as well as  one below the tail are elevated.

An amberjack dwells in all warm seas of the world and may grow to an impressive size of 180 centimeters and weighs up to 80 kg, but in the adriatic not more than 50 kg. The fish migrates depending on season and temperature, so it dives deeper in the winter and comes back up by the end of spring. Many consider “felun“ different than an amberjack but it is, in fact, an amberjack's youth whose yellowish colour which isn't similar to the adult's colour. The “felun“ are gathering in big hauls and they live and hunt together. In it's first year a felun weighs about 1 kg and is close to the shore in search of small fish, mollusks and prawns.

In two following years it transforms from a felun into a fully grown amberjack, changes colour and in its third year weighs up to 5 kg. The adult amberjacks live alone or in small groups. An amberjack has its mouth always open. It has no teeth, but rugged and sharp jaws perfect for catching food. Fish are mostly on its menu, but it could also feast on crabs and mollusks. It mates by mid-spring and it sexually matures with three years.

Amberjacks live in depths up to 360 meters and its average life expectancy is 15 years. Greater amberjack is an atractive fish for sports fishermen (big game), because of its strength and resistance during the fight with a rod.

We catch them by slow trolling, using the live trolls such as squid. In last few years we started catching amberjacks by very atractive jigging techniques