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Common dentex (Dentex dentex)

Zubatac. Zubatac.

A dentex grows up to 1 meter length and 16 kilograms weight. It is strongly built, especially the head with its powerful jaws and very big and sharp fangs.

It has both tall and longish body, flattened on the sides. Its appearance shows that it's an excellent swimmer and a great predator. It loves an overgrown sea floor where it can catch, but dislikes steep sides, dim water, small bays near people. Menu as usual except worms. As a typical predator, it attacks everything in motin and is always ready to attack. It moves throuth all depths. Gathers in bigger houls only for mating in the beginning of summer.

Most common places to find them are around Šibenik's and Zadar's islands, in Istria and around some other islands. For its tasty flesh it is called the Tsar fish.