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Blue shark (Prionace glauca)

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The blue shark is one of 29 shark species who live in the Adriatic sea. It lives throughout the entire sea, but is not so often.  It lives in the open sea, especially in the south of the Adriatic sea.

In the winter it goes in the deep, whilst in the summer it approaches the surface. During summer it is more likely to see a blue shark in bays and canals, as well as the open.

A blue shark is a very strong animal with an elongated body. Its colour is as blue as the sea around it. The upper body is dark blue or blue/green, and the lower body is almost white. It reaches from 2 up to 4.5 meters length and 150 kg weight, even though the average weight of a blue shark is 50 kg.  The biggest ever caught was 391 kg heavy.

The body is in a torpedo-like shape, elongated and slightly rotund. Its mouth is vertical below a long and peeked head. The chest fins are very narrow, crooked and strong. It has a large back fin and the upper flipper is much stronger and longer than the one below. The skin is very rugh and rasping.
Because of its qualities, the blue shark's skin had been used as emery paper. The teeth are triangular and very sharp. It has very large eyes.