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Atlantic bonito (Sarda sarda)

Palamida Jigging

Atlantic bonito has an elongated spindly body with long and conical head on whose top is a large mouth full of tiny and very sharp teeth. Its life expectancy is 6 years.

Its body is dark blue, similar to a mackrel, and it has an elongated tail flipper. It has dark coloured stripes slanting over its body, therefore it differs from the other mackerel-like fish. It can grow up to 70 cm and weigh 9 kg. It is covered in small scales.

Bonitos inhabit the entire east-Atlantic shore – from Oslo (Norway) to Port Elizabeth (South Africa). On the west coast of Atlantic its habitat stretches from Canada, Florida, northern Mexico Bay, Colombia, Venezuela till the Amazon river. Amongst those, it also inhabits the Mediteranian and the Black sea.

It's well known throughout the entire Adriatic sea, but is most common in the southern parts. Bonitos live in large hauls. Sometimes they stay in water ways and near a shore, closed closed coves and bays. They don't have any long-term habitat, but travel the open sea

They are very fast predators and feast on other fish, mostly sardel.